PICCI was established in 2013 to represents the interests of businesses operating in the region. Our mission is to create a professional and prosperous business community that instills confidence and pride in buying locally. We aim to be supportive, motivational, inclusive, forward thinking, professional, and representative, independent and to promote transparency and trust.

In 2017 PICCI underwent a process of being reactivated after a period of dormancy with events being planned, new workshops being delivered as well as funding and funding partnerships secured.


More than Mining

Many Inland Pilbara towns were originally established as mining towns and although a process of normalisation has occurred across some, there remain heavy focus and reliance on the resource sector.

Art, Culture and Tourism

This new vein in cultural and creative tourism, where the experience is more one-on-one and is anchored in local culture, is emerging and pertinent to our region with the Karijini National Park and Hammersley Ranges a mere drive down the road. Key to this – the visitor takes away something more than just souvenirs and smart phone snaps.

It has opened the market place, so that bespoke cultural offerings by independents, smaller organisations, through to new-to-market enterprises such as Airbnb Experiences, mean that cultural tourism is no longer just the domain of muscly majors, state assets and tourism brokers.

Small Business Enterprise

Small businesses contributes substantially to local economies - particularly so in remote and isolated towns where the impact to the small community in which it is established can really be felt by way of growth and innovation. Small businesses helps to stimulate economic growth by providing employment opportunities to people who may not be employable by larger corporations.

Home Based Businesses

With a strong partner-force in many inland Pilbara towns, home-based business is often the ideal outlet for many individuals offering many advantages including lifestyle freedoms, tax benefits, growth opportunities and a healthy work-life balance. As with Small Enterprise, our Home-Based Businesses bring a great deal to their communities by way of innovative thinking and opportunities.


New Opportunities

There is a vast new front in terms of local businesses being able to leverage against the opportunities that the NBN presents to remote and isolated communities.